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Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII

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Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII

Mensaje  LRatafia el Lun Mar 26, 2018 10:13 am file/s1uo2jhbb5t6xt3/

Lancer Evolution VIII
Scott | December 9, 2017 | Cars | 5 Comments

This mod has both a stock 04 Lancer Evolution VIII GSR MR Edition and a moderately Tuned version.
It’s made with as much real data as Paul could get his hands on and he hopes it’s a good replica for those with experience with the real car.

Credits: Paul Wallace

Updated To 1.1:
-Adjusted AWD logic to make the car behave the way it should, especially at lower speed. The car will be more stable overall and have less power oversteer on corner exit and will have slightly sharper turn in.
-Fixed issue where the car wouldn’t move or accelerate properly if the traction control assist was forced on
-Adjusted some textures and material settings
-Fixed hole in the back of the stock cars rim blur object
-Corrected stock cars rear toe value
-Added community made skins for the Tuned Evo 8 (Shuto Ghost by Raphael Barros and That Black Evo by Verrel Aditya)

Original feature list of 1.0:
-Stock Lancer Evolution VIII GSR MR Edition
-Moderately Tuned Evolution VIII (410ish HP and some handling upgrades)
-Physics based off of real world data and feedback from Lancer drivers, the AWD system takes into account things like your G forces, steering and pedal input, speed and more as the actual Evo will
-Custom made sounds by Sen Deweal
-AO mapping on nearly every material on the car inside and out
-Damage deformation / textures / glass damage / dirt
-LOD’s for performance
-Hazard lights (Press the flash lights button use them)
-Proper driver steering and shifting animations
AI properly setup to drive the car in AI races
-Template files with AO maps can be found inside the ‘template’ folder of both cars

Thanks to:
Sen Dewael – Sounds
John Brennan – CE28N Rims
Raphael Barros & Verrel Aditya – Skins
All my testers and those who provided data, feedback and help


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